Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tadich Grill - San Francisco

Holy Cow! The Cioppino from Tadich was awesome. So much seafood. I
couldn't eat it all, so I gave it to Bill and he could couldn't finish
it either. Definately need to come back n
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

True Friendship

Ok, so I'm still doing this detox thing (only 4 1/2 days to go!) which means I am still unable to eat like normal. But does that slow me down? No way!

Today Bill and I are headed out to Shawn's to bring him some sustenance during his time of self reflection. I'm bringing along blue cheese risotto, a 3 cheese focaccia, and deviled eggs. I have pictures posted below with the risotto and focaccia. The Deviled eggs weren't very photogenic..

But it is a little bit of hell to make all this stuff and not eat it!

Blue cheese risotto

Not sure how good this looks, but it is tasty!

Mmmmmm. Bacon

Crisping it up for the blue cheese risotto.


And here it is! All golden brown and ready to eat.


Ok. Goodie on board! Ricotta cheese, parmesan, mozarella, and salami.
Off to the oven it goes!


Here it is almost ready for the goodie to go on top. It has now risen
twice, which takes 2 1/2 hours.